Texas Gun Collectors Association

Life Membership

Life Membership in TGCA is available to current annual members in good standing.
The requirements are that the current member shall have been an annual member for at least one whole calendar year, and who is recommended for life membership by a another TGCA member in good standing. Additionally, the Applicant is required to submit a brief biography to embrace educational. professional and collecting background information.
The fee for Life Membership is US $1,000 and is payable in one lump sum or may be paid over a continuous three year period.
The fee (or first installment) must accompany the application form for Life Membership. Upon receipt of the completed form and fee, an acknowledgment of receipt will be forwarded to the Applicant by the Secretary. A copy of the Applicant's form and his or her biography will be distributed to the Board of Directors for consideration. Upon approval of the board, the Applicant will be sent a letter advising him or her of the board's decision, a certificate denoting the new Life Member's status and a temporary laminated badge indicating life membership. The temporary badge will later be replaced by a brass plate denoting life membership and the new Life Membership number.
Should the board decide to decline the application for any reason, the Applicant shall be so advised in writing, and the payment returned. The board's decision is final and is not open to debate.
It should be noted that life memberships are restricted by the by-laws of the association to a total of 225 in number at any one time. Therefore, applications for Life Memberships are not treated lightly by the board, as it considers Life Members to be important representatives of the Association who will remain active in Association affairs for many years.