Texas Gun Collectors Association

Life Membership

Suggestions for Biography
As part of the process for reviewing applications for Life Membership in TGCA, the Board of Directors requires that applicants include a brief biography related to their gun collecting activities with their applications. This information may abbreviated for use in preparing a brief introductory bio in the club magazine, The Texas Gun Collector. This would only be published after the applicant's approval and expressed consent had been given.
This document may be as brief as the applicant wishes to make it, but it should represent a comprehensive overview of the applicant's collecting interests and also the applicant's connections with other similar or related clubs and associations and other activities.
Questions to be addressed should include, but not necessarily limited to the following:

  • How long have you had an interest in firearms, and when did you start collecting? Please be a little more specific than just an actual date and give a generalized peiod such as "in my youth" or "having established myself in a career" for example.
  • Please expand upon your field of collecting, thus giving a more complete picture of your collection beyond "Colt Revolvers" or "Antique Rifles".
  • Have you had any related literary works published? Books, articles, etc? If so, please list such works. Acknowledged experts in any particular field of arms collecting among our members enhances the reputation of the association.
  • How did you discover the Texas Gun Collectors Association, and what motivated you to become a member? Did you previously know any other members before joining?
  • Why do you wish to become a Life Member of TGCA?
If you have a mind to, please give some information about yourself including family, professional and social. Perhaps you might care to include information as to education and military service as well if appropriate. This information is not obligatory, and would only be mentioned in your published bio with your expressed consent.