Texas Gun Collectors Association


With Changes Approved in April 2022 Annual Member’s Meeting



Introduction 1
Section 1 - Officers and Directors 2
Section 2 – Membership 3
Section 3 - Suspension or Expulsion 4
Section 4 – Financial 4
Section 5 – Publications 7
 1. Magazine 7
 2. Directory 8
 3. Newsletter 8
Section 6 – Meetings and Shows 8
 1. Meetings 8
 2. Gun Shows 9
 3. Displays 11
 4. Rules for Exhibits 12
 5. Safety Rules 12
 6. Security 13
 7. Auction 14
 8. Conduct 14
 9. Hospitality Room 15
Section 7 – Sponsorships 16
Section 8 - Advertising and Promotion 17
 1. Show Manager 17
 2. Members 18
 3. Club Gun 18
APPENDIX: Officer/Director/Staff Job Descriptions 20




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The Constitution and By-Laws of the Texas Gun Collectors Association (hereinafter “the Association” or “TGCA”) lay out the rules and guidelines by which the Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors (hereinafter “the Board”) comprising six Officers, six Directors, and the Immediate Past President of the Association. 

Over time it has become evident that clarification and/or supplementation of the By-Laws are needed to assist the Board in effectively performing their individual and collective duties and responsibilities of their positions in accordance with Article V, Section 4 of the By-Laws. This document attempts to offer such clarification, and to this end only addresses expansion of such items included in the By-Laws not fully explained therein.

The first iteration of a Policies and Procedures Manual (adopted April 2009) was designed to determine Association policies and to lay out the procedures for the execution of such policies, and to give members of the Board definite and specific direction in the execution of the jobs they perform. It should be noted that various members of the Board also head administrative committees that fall outside the boundaries as laid out for Officers and Directors. On occasion, such committees may be chaired by a member of the Association who is not a Board member, but has been appointed by the President and who will report to a member of the Board.

As the activities of certain members of the Board will incur expenses, all such members will be held accountable for such expenses. By the very nature of their work, such members generally spend money on the basis of an expense account, paying for products or services from their own pocket and then seeking reimbursement from the Treasurer. Such expenses must be closely monitored and approved before reimbursement is made, and the Board of Directors will ensure that the solvency of the club is held at the highest level in its priorities.

The Policies and Procedures Committee has loosely followed the order laid out in the Association’s By-Laws in drafting this manual, but has not been rigid in this approach. A Contents page is provided to assist the reader in finding his or her way around this manual, and, where appropriate, cross reference to a specific By-Law (or By-Laws) has been given within this text for ease of reference.

This manual should be considered as a “living document” subject to amendments by the Board of Directors as circumstances arise which dictate the need for such amendments. Such amendments adopted by the membership at the Annual Members Business Meetings of 2010, 2011 and 2013 have been incorporated herein

As this manual is primarily for the use of members of the Board in the context of performance of their individual or collective responsibilities, the first section addresses the performance of the duties and responsibilities of the Board members.

An Appendix to this manual comprises a copy of the Job Descriptions for each Board position (Officers and Directors), committee chairmen and cost center managers.


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1. All candidates for the position of Officer or Director must be a life member or a current annual (regular) member of the Association in good standing, and who must have been a member for a minimum period of two consecutive years prior to election.Once elected, all Officers and Directors must retain their status as member in good standing for the duration of their service on the Board. (Approved by the Board of Directors 7 August 2011)

2. Each nominee for an Officer or Director position shall be given a copy of the appropriate Job Description from Appendix A so that he/she will be familiar with the minimum effort that will be expected from him/her if elected.

3. All Board members will read and offer an update to their Job Descriptions at the beginning and end of each administration.The Board as a whole will be the approving body for any changes or modifications.

4. All Officers and each Director chairing a committee or cost center will submit a written report to the Board at each Regular and Interim Board Meeting.Such reports are to address actions taken on old business, an accounting of all funds spent and received in connection with his/her TGCA duties, and recommendations for improvements in the Association’s administration and/or operations. He/she will give an oral summary of his/her report at the Board meetings.

5. The President shall appoint a Director to act as a liaison between the Association and NRA and TSRA.Such Director shall keep the President informed of all activities resulting from his/her discussions with these two entities.

6. The procedure for the election of Officers and Directors shall be as follows:

The President shall announce that the election of Officers and Directors is to take place, and will introduce the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.
The Nominating Committee Chairman shall announce the Committee’s nominations for Officers and Directors.
Prior to votes being cast, the President shall ask for any calls for nominations from the floor. All candidates nominated from the floor will be required to declare that he/she has knowledge of, and has approved, the nomination, and is willing to serve in the capacity of the position for which he/she has been nominated.Having so declared the candidate will be included in the election.
A vote will be cast by the membership present for each of the elected positions in turn.Proxy votes are not permitted. (See By-Laws Article VI, Section 2 – “…a majority vote of the members present at the meeting”), the members shall cast
In the absence of any floor nominations their votes in respect of the nominated candidate only. In the event that no candidates were nominated from the floor, the membership may choose to vote for each position by acclaim, or by a show of hands.
In the event that more than one candidate is nominated for any position, members will cast their votes by a show of hands, in which case the President will appoint a suitable number of persons to act as vote counters in order to ensure an accurate count.
In the event of a vote count a simple majority will win the election.

7. Candidates for Honorary Directorships may be made by any member of the Association, but the final selection and approval will be made by the Board.

8. The term of office for Honorary Directors shall be three (3) years. The Board of Directors may elect to approve extensions of the three year period if desirable to the aims of the Association.

9. In general, candidates for Honorary Directorships should be members who have provided selfless service to the Association, or who have otherwise enhanced the reputation of the Association, but are unable to serve on the Board.

10. The selection of an Honorary Director Emeritus shall be the responsibility of the Board. It is not mandatory that such a nomination be made.

11. Periodically, Officers, Directors and Committee Chairs, and other cost center managers, will review their job descriptions and will revise them in detail.(Approved by the Board of Directors 7 August 2011)


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1. Each applicant for regular annual membership shall be required to submit a membership application form, correctly filled in, signed and dated and endorsed by a member in good standing. The application shall be accompanied by the current annual membership fee as established by the Board, and applicants will also be encouraged to submit a recent photograph for possible use in a future Directory or club magazine feature. New members, paying the first year membership fee after July 1st, will be considered paid in full through the first full calendar year.

2. Each applicant for life membership shall be required to submit a Statement of Qualification in the form of a personal biography relating to his/her arms collecting experience, along with a completed application form approved by the Board and provided by the Secretary. The application form will be endorsed by a member in good standing who will act as a reference as to the applicant’s suitability for life membership. Additionally, each applicant will be asked to provide a self-photograph for possible use in the Association’s magazine.

3. Article III, Section 5 of the By-Laws allows for the life membership fee to be paid over a consecutive three year period.Such payments may be of three equal installments or three unequal installments provided that the third and final payment brings the total sum to the prescribed
life membership fee. The Applicant will retain his/her Annual Member
status until such time as the full fee has been received by the Secretary, at which point the approval process for the application will begin. The installment payments will be regarded as being inclusive of the Applicant’s annual membership fee.

4. Honorary Membership:The reference in Article III, Section 3 of the By-Laws to “a gun collector organization” shall include museums, schools, and other similar institutions whose agenda or activities encourage the study and knowledge of, and/or offer instruction in, the history, care and preservation of armaments and the events surrounding their use and development.

5. The list of members and the data-base from which it is derived, shall remain confidential and shall not be sold or given to any outside enterprise.At all times the use of the Directory as a supplement to other mailing lists is to be discouraged.


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1. Under Article X, Section 2 of the By-Laws a member may have his membership revoked for violations of the Association’s rules or for a felony conviction of the member. The Board will determine whether such felony conviction is for an offence displaying moral turpitude, and/or whether such offence brings the Association or the armaments collecting field as a whole into disrepute.

2. Any person committing a violent act against any other person or property at an Association event shall, after due consideration by the BoD, be permanently banned from participating at any future Association event. Members committing such acts of violence shall have their membership rescinded permanently.


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1. All members of the Board who are responsible for spending Association funds in the normal course of their responsibilities as officers, directors or committee chairmen, shall submit an annual budget for review and approval at the first regular Board meeting (at the Spring Meeting and Show) of each year.

2. The Association shall open a consumer credit card account, such account to be used for payment of hotels’ (or other facilities’) costs associated with the gun show, authorized travel expenses for TGCA representatives carrying out approved TGCA business at other shows, conventions, etc.The card(s) associated with this account shall be held by the Treasurer and President only and, if necessary, shall be given to the temporary care and custody of other TGCA representatives traveling on TGCA business.

3. The Association may open a merchant credit card account, such account to be used for the collection of revenues, such as membership fees, magazine advertising, sales of promotional items, etc.This account shall be administered by the Treasurer.
4. All officers, cost center managers and committee chairmen who collect TGCA revenues of any kind will be responsible for the prompt deposit of such funds into TGCA’s Frost Bank checking account.Copies of the deposit slips will be forwarded to the Treasurer within three business days of the deposit.

5. All cost center managers shall work diligently towards carrying out their duties within their established budgets.Any likely over-runs should be reported to the Treasurer and President as soon as such over-runs become apparent. All cost center managers shall provide fully itemized accounting records for money handled. A uniform code of accounts – prepared by the Treasurer – will be issued to each cost center manager. (Approved by the Board of Directors 19 March 2011)

6. The Treasurer shall present an Interim Financial Report at the interim Board meetings, a draft Annual Financial Report at the club’s Annual Business Meeting and a Final Annual Financial Report by within two months of the Annual Business Meeting.

7. All expenditures by all those in incurring such expenditures on behalf of TGCA shall report such costs to the President and the Board in detail in writing at all periodic Board meetings.An oral summary may be given if no unusual or questionable expenses are to be reported.

8. Expenses must fall within each person’s budget and will be attributable to one of the following categories:

  a.   Operational expense
  b.   Administrative expense
  c.   Cost of doing business
  d.   Promotional or advertising
  e.   Public relations
  f.   Charitable and/or Foundation related
  g.   Pre-approved benefits
  h.   Approved sponsorships
  i.   Member relations

9. The Treasurer is solely responsible for issuing checks in payment of Association expenses or other approved costs and charges.The treasurer may issue individual checks up to and including the value of $5,000.00. Checks made out for larger amounts must also be signed by the President.

10. All expenses beyond normal and customary expenses associated with the administration and operation of the Association’s business must be approved by the President.The Board must be kept informed of unexpected expenditures, and excessively high charges.

11. Benefits

a.   Officers, Directors and other members who actively work at the gun shows for a significant part of the weekend, or whose position in the management structure of the Association requires them to spend a significant period of time throughout the year, may receive the benefit of a complimentary hotel room for the duration
of the show (a maximum of three nights). There will be no complimentary meal allowance or other expense associated with this benefit, which covers the cost of the room plus the associated taxes only. This benefit shall be at the discretion of the President.

b.   Those benefiting under this discretionary program may include, but shall not necessarily be limited to:

  • President
  • Show Chairman
  • Sergeant-At-Arms
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Auction Chairman
  • Full-time Auction Helper
  • Magazine Editor

  • c.   Reimbursement for comp rooms is not an entitlement, and shall be conditional upon the success of the previous show and a generally positive overall cash-flow condition as a whole; i.e. if the previous show is deemed to have been a financial success, and the Association’s cash-flow is positive, the benefit will be applied at the next show.
    d.   Reimbursement will not be made until all records of costs and revenues associated with the show have been received by the Treasurer, and a financial summary prepared.

    12. Life Membership Fund

    a.   In accordance with established policy, the Treasurer shall deposit all currently accrued and future fees associated with approved Life Memberships into an interest earning fund separate from the general funds.This account shall be known as the Life Membership Fund.
    a.   The monies deposited into this account will remain undisturbed and will earn interest.In the event of an emergency situation arising, the Board shall determine the necessity for withdrawing funds from the account to keep the Association viable. Initially, the Life Membership funds will be set aside as a line item within the bookkeeping records of the operational accounts, and will be deposited into a suitable mutual fund or long term certificate of deposit (CD) fund. Interest earned from this investment shall be rolled over into the general fund accounts. As no record appears to have been kept as of this first writing of the Policies and Procedures Manual, the initial amount to be deposited into the Life Membership Fund has been set at $75,000.00. 

    13. State Sales and Use Tax

    a.   The Treasurer shall obtain a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit forthwith from the State Comptroller’s Office in the name of Texas Gun Collectors Association.(Approved by the Board of Directors 27 August 2011)


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    a.   The official publication (hereafter “the magazine”) of the association is The Texas Gun Collector, which shall be published twice each year in the Spring and Fall unless otherwise decided by the Board.
    b.   The Magazine Editor shall be appointed by the President, and this selection shall be ratified by the Board.
    c.   The Editor may appoint an Editorial Board of experts upon whom he can call to verify accuracy and facts in articles falling into their field of experience.
    d.   The Editor shall be responsible for the production of the magazine, and is also responsible for soliciting editorial material for articles and announcements.
    e.   The Editor is responsible for the solicitation of paid advertisements, the revenues from which will be used to mitigate production costs.To this end, the Editor may, upon the approval of the Board, appoint a club member to assist him in such duties and who will collect and deposit the associated revenues on behalf of the Editor.
    f.   The Editor shall ensure that the magazine maintains an even balance of advertisements, editorial items, articles and association news (business and social).
    g.   A significant number of complimentary copies of the magazine should be sent to suitable entities that would use such copies to promote TGCA to its own members or visiting public.Such entities would embrace approved museums, historical societies and the like. All Honorary Members shall receive magazines.


    a.   Periodically, the Secretary shall issue to members a membership Directory listing all members and their contact information (unless expressly requested not to do so by individual members), collecting interests and membership status (Annual, Life, Honorary, or Associate).The Directory should be published every two to three years. Members’ spouses’ names may also be published.
    b.   The cost of producing the magazine and the directory shall be borne from the association’s general funds, but the Editor and the Secretary shall each be charged with mitigating this cost as much as possible by soliciting and encouraging advertising from members and trade.
    a.   The use of the Directory by any non-member for any purpose is prohibited.


      The President may choose to issue a single sheet Newsletter to coincide with each gun show in order to present to the membership as a whole notice of the business conducted by the Board on behalf of the Association, proposed initiatives yet to be acted upon, work in progress, news of members’ achievements, etc. The cost of this newsletter will be borne by the Association’s general fund.


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    a.   The Board has determined that TGCA events shall be held twice each year, the first (a regional members meeting with gun show) on the fourth weekend in April, the second (the Association’s major Annual Collectors Arms Show) on the third weekend in October.The only exception shall be if Easter weekend falls on the fourth weekend in April, in which case the Board will determine an alternative, most likely the weekend following.
    b.   The Association’s Annual General Business Meeting shall take place during the course of the Spring meeting. The day and time of the Business Meeting shall be publicized well in advance of the meeting and show.
    c.   Proposals for Amendments to the By-Laws, after due review by the Board, encompassing no less than two months, may be submitted to the general membership for a vote at the next regularly scheduled Business Meeting.
    d.   The Show Chairman is charged with recommending suitable venues to the Board for approval, and with making arrangements with the approved facilities in accordance with his schedule, at the most favorable rates and under the most favorable conditions possible. The Show Chairman shall keep the President and the Board informed of all negotiations and the results thereof.

    2. GUN SHOWS

    a.   The President, in consultation with the Show Chairman, may appoint a Gun Show Committee or a Gun Show Manager whose purpose is to promote and market the gun shows and to assist the Show Chairman in selecting and recommending suitable venues. This committee shall be chaired by the Show Chairman.
    b.   Complimentary Passes shall be distributed to all table holders and other entities at the discretion of the Gun Show Committee.At least two months prior to each show, the Gun Show Committee shall issue guidelines as to how many passes should be distributed.
    c.   The Show Chairman shall appoint a Local Advisory Board for each show.Its purpose is to advise the Show Chairman and the Gun Show Committee on such matters as suitable facilities, parking arrangements, other major events likely to conflict with TGCA show dates, local media contacts for PR purposes, potential speakers for seminars, etc.
    d.   The Association shall allow gun ownership rights lobbying entities (NRA and TSRA for instance) the use of one table for educational purposes each per show at no cost. Other suitable entities such as the A&M Corps of Cadets, the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame & Museum, The Texas Heritage Museum, etc. should also be considered for eligibility for such complimentary educational tables.
    d.   Only the Secretary should issue MEMBER badges at the show.The Show Chairman or Show Manager will issue GUEST badges for non-members upon their paying the prescribed entrance fee or presenting a valid complimentary pass.
    e.   Before any contract is signed by the Show Chairman on behalf of TGCA, such contract shall be reviewed by the President and the Treasurer in order to ensure the Association’s interests have been safeguarded, and that no unexpected additional financial burdens be added to show costs.
    f.   Security arrangements and management shall be the responsibility of the Sergeant-At-Arms under the general oversight of the Show Chairman.
    g.   If necessary, the President shall appoint a member of the Board to make arrangements for the club having an overnight secure room for table-holder’s merchandise the afternoon, evening and night of the day before show set-up, and for the rental of a suitable room for use as Association’s hospitality center.Ideally, a suite of rooms should be acquired for this purpose. The person responsible for this shall coordinate his/her efforts with the Show Chairman in order to ensure that the requirement is incorporated into the contract with the hotel.
    h.   The Board of Directors shall periodically set the rental rates for trade and/or display space at meetings and shows.Trade and/or display space will only be assigned upon the receipt of a completed reservation form accompanied by the appropriate fee in advance. Space rental fees shall be forfeit should the exhibitor fail show up for the event without a minimum of two weeks’ prior notice; such notice thus affording the Show Chairman the opportunity to resell the space. An exception will be made for cases of emergency such as sickness, accident, extreme weather conditions, etc., in which cases the fees will be rolled over one time to the next show. (Approved by the Board of Directors 25 April 2010)
    i.   The position of Assistant to the Show Chairman shall be created, the person filling this position effectively becoming a trainee and future candidate for Show Chairman’s position.This will be a non-board position reporting directly to the Show Chairman. (Approved by the Board of Directors 7 August 2011)
    j.   The Show Chairman is authorized to hire an individual to operate the front desk at the association’s two annual events.This person will greet visitors, answer pertinent questions, handle all cash transactions, and operate the TGCA retail sales table. This person will be accountable to the Treasurer and the Show Chairman for all monies received and paid out in the performance of his/her responsibilities. (Approved by the Board of Directors 7 August 2011)
    k.   Only the association’s Official Photographer, or others sanctioned by an association Officer will be authorized to photograph, video-graph or otherwise record the proceedings at any of the association’s events. (Approved by the Board of Directors 29 February 2012)
    l.   All Officers of the association shall be present upon the doors being opened in the morning on set-up day (usually Friday) in order to greet and welcome exhibitors and table-holders. (Approved by the Board of Directors 29 February 2012)


    a.   The President shall be responsible for soliciting display entries to compete for the display awards prior to each show, and for selecting the panel of qualified and willing judges at each show; these duties may be performed by the Vice President or any other member at the President’s request.
    b.   Periodically, a keynote themed exhibit such as The Parade of Walkers (2003) and A Gathering of Patersons (2008) will be featured at a show.Such exhibit will be either a separate event or may be incorporated into the general competitive displays by members. It is strongly recommended that an Exhibit Coordinator and a panel of members well acquainted with the subject of such themed exhibit be appointed to organize such events. 
    c.   All persons entering a display subject to competitive judging for a TGCA award shall be presented with a token of appreciation for their entry.The Vice President shall ensure that such tokens are laid upon all display tables before judging begins. Tokens of appreciation may be the miniature steer-head blocks as used in the past, inscribed certificates, or other such meaningful items.
    d.   Judges of the displays entered for the awards shall use the prescribed judging forms handed to them by the Vice President.After all entered displays have been adjudicated, the Vice President shall collect the completed judging forms from the panel of judges, and shall determine that the judges have declared the winning displays in the categories of (1) Best Display of Show (Herein after called “The Enrique Guerra Best of Show Award”), (2) Best Weapon Displayed, (3) Most Educational Display, and (4) Most Historical Display. The judges’ decision shall be final subject to the President acting as the tie-breaker in the event of a tied result for any of the four major categories noted in this paragraph.
    e.   The Judges may declare up to one half of the remaining displays presented to be Outstanding Displays, thus qualifying for the presentation of an appropriate award.
    f.   Upon determination of the results, and the agreement of the panel of judges as to the final results, the Vice President shall ensure that the judging forms remain confidential and are not disclosed to any of the display entrants.
    g.   A list of the final results shall be given to the President prior to the Saturday evening Auction in order for the President to announce the winners, and to present the awards.
    h.   Winners of the Best of Show Award and The People’s Choice Award will be given the opportunity to be featured on the cover of an issue of The Texas Gun Collector magazine during the year following their winning display, provided that each of these winners submit a feature article to be included in the magazine.


    a.   Prohibited Items: The following list gives examples of items not allowed to be displayed or sold at trade tables during the course of the show. This list is not to be construed as a complete list of prohibited items and other items may bee deemed to be unacceptable. In this regard, the Sergeant-At-Arms’ discretion (as ratified by the Board) is final.

  • Stamps and/or stamp collections, coins and/or coin collections, modern jewelry, clothing and other similar non-firearm related items
  • Modern guns that are not Curio & Relic qualified or older.
  • Black guns of any kind.
  • Ammunition, gunpowder, primers, etc. other than collectible ammunition in sealed wrappers or boxes
  • Items tending to promote or glorify the Nazi and Communist parties and movements. Note: collectible items discretely presented for sale or trade will be acceptable at the Sergeant-At-Arms' discretion 
  • Blow guns, zip guns and other firearms of current manufacture unrelated to antique, vintage or classic collectible firearms
  • All other items deemed to be unacceptable by the Board

  • b.   Penalty for Violation: Any table-holder or other person found to be exhibiting prohibited items shall remove the offending items from the exhibition hall upon the request of the Sergeant–At-Arms or any other Officer or Director. Failure to comply, or repeated violations will result in ejection from the exhibition hall at a minimum, and perhaps other penalty as laid out in the By-Laws.


    a.   With the exception of uniformed police officers and licensed security personnel, no member or other person shall, during the continuance of a meeting of this association, and upon the premises where such a meeting is held, display, or show a loaded or primed firearm or air gun, nor shall any member, or other person place any charge, whether blank or ball or empty case, in the barrel, chamber, cylinder, or magazine of any arm upon said premises during such time.

    b.   Neither shall any member or other person bring on the premises during such time any small arms ammunition, gun powder, cartridge, bullet, shell, grenade, rocket, or any gas shell or gas container of any kind other than collectible cartridges in sealed boxes or in sealed transparent plastic wrappers. An exception is made for uniformed police officers and licensed security personnel in order to allow them to carry ammunition for their service firearms.

    c.   The Sergeant-at-Arms may order any member in violation of these safety rules or other person to immediately remove his exhibit from the premises.

    d.   Such violations shall be reported to the Sergeant-at-Arms and the Officers of the Association who may declare the individual, if a member, in suspension of his membership, or if a non‑member bar him from exhibiting at future meetings of the Association.

    e.   Any person or member who has been barred or suspended may appeal to the President, who shall consider the matter in conjunction with the Directors, and either remove or modify the suspension or disbarment or sustain such penalties. The decisionof the President and Board of Directors shall be final in all such matters.

    f.   All dogs attending the shows must be in cages (crates) and kept behind the trade table. (Approved by the Board of Directors 28 April 2013)


    a.   The security in the exhibition hall shall be the responsibility of the Sergeant-At-Arms under the general supervision of the Show Chairman.

    b.   The Sergeant-at-Arms is authorized by the Board of Directors to engage the services of armed peace officers from local law enforcement agencies in order that an armed security force will be
    in attendance in the exhibition hall for the entire duration (day and night) of the show. It is recommended that two officers be in attendance during all times that the exhibition hall is open to the public, members and table-holders, and that one officer will be present at all other times when the exhibition hall is locked.

    c.   The Sergeant-At-Arms may also engage the services of Association members to provide other security requirements such as policing the contents of tables, assisting the police officers with the checking of weapons brought into the show room by the public, and making them secure.

    d.   Anyone caught indulging in suspected criminal activity will be reported to the police and will be ejected from the show, and, if a member of the Association, will be subject to having his or her membership suspended or revoked.The Association will encourage victims of such suspected criminal behavior as theft, fraud or physical violence during the course of the show, to file a police report and to prefer appropriate charges against the suspected perpetrator of such offence.

    e.   Should any person believe that any item exhibited for sale, trade or display is a stolen item, he or she should report such to the Sergeant-At-Arms or any member of the Board of Directors who in the first instance will attempt to resolve the matter.Should no resolution be made, the matter shall then be referred to the police officer in attendance who will then seek resolution. The complainant will be required to produce such evidence as necessary (such as a police report) to substantiate his/her complaint.

    f.   Anyone having brought ammunition or loaded firearm(s) into the exhibition hall, and who causes a negligent discharge of such ammunition or firearm shall probably be subject to immediate arrest by the police, could possibly face criminal charges, and shall be evicted from the show and may have membership in the Association terminated for life.

    7. AUCTION

    a.   At the discretion of the President, special activities, such as auctions, may be conducted if deemed of interest to the general membership.

    b.   The Auction Chairman shall be appointed by the President, and this selection shall be ratified by the Board.

    c.   The Auction Chairman is responsible for ensuring that a qualified Auctioneer conducts each Auction.

    d.   A sign indicating that ALL SALES ARE FINAL and that potential bidders are invited to thoroughly inspect auction items prior to bidding shall be prominently displayed at the auction table. A similar statement should be printed on each page of the auction catalog. 

    e.   All decisions in the determination of the winner of any item at auction are the responsibility of the Auctioneer, and will be supported by the Auction Chairman.

    f.   The full 10% Buyer’s Premium will be applied to all consigned items that are sold, but will not be applied to donated items.

    8. CONDUCT

    a.   Table-holders, members, and guests, will conduct themselves in a courteous and orderly fashion at all TGCA events.All transactions between individuals at TGCA shows shall be carried out in a discreet manner. Offensive and overly boisterous behavior will not be tolerated, and violators of this code will be asked to temper their behavior. Refusal to comply will lead to ejection from the exhibition hall by the Sergeant-At-Arms and/or any member of the Board of Directors. 

    b.   A “cooling off” period determined by the Sergeant-At-Arms will be granted for minor infractions, but any incident involving continuous loud, coarse and offensive language or physical contact or criminal activity will be cause for immediate and final ejection from the show, and violators will be required to remove all their belongings from the exhibition hall immediately.

    c.   TGCA respects that parents may wish to bring their minor children in the exhibition hall during the course of the show; however the parents or other guardians of such children will be held responsible for their children’s behavior.

    d.   Behavior deemed to be unacceptable by children includes running in the aisles, loud complaining, singing, screaming, etc., touching items on the tables without invitation by the table-holder, interrupting conversations, and the like.Toddlers in strollers will be allowed, provided that the strollers are not so large as to impede the traffic by others in the exhibition hall. If possible, parents should carry babies in their arms or in a baby harness.


    a.   On approval by the Board of Directors the President may appoint a member to establish and host a Hospitality Room at each show for the benefit of table-holders, members and invited guests.Ideally, the Security Room reserved for the night before set-up day should also serve as the Hospitality Room for the remainder of the show until noon on Sunday.

    b.   The Hospitality Room host shall ensure that there is a supply of refreshments available at all times, and that there is sufficient seating to allow a degree of comfort to those availing themselves of the Hospitality Room.Examples of refreshments to be made available are inexpensive light snacks, coffee and/or tea, soft drinks, and a limited supply of alcoholic beverages.

    c.   The Hospitality Room is to be a place where visitors may take a short refreshment break from the show, a place to relax for a short period in comfortable and congenial surroundings.It is not intended to be a substitute for a restaurant, nor is it to be used as a meeting facility, or a place in which to entertain groups of guests. It is a benefit for members and those whose patronage of the show makes the whole weekend possible

    d.   Limited refreshments will be provided at no cost to the visitor as this is a benefit for members and table-holders. Supplies may vary depending on costs and budget constraints, where budget depends on profits from the previous show.

    (Approved by the Board of Directors 20 October 2011)

    a.   In order to prevent potential disruption by uninvited members, regular and interim meetings of the Board of Directors (BoD) shall be held in closed session on the dates, and at the times and places determined by the President.Advance notice of such meetings shall be sent to all members of the Board of Directors, either by mail, emails or both by the Secretary. 

    b.   Any member of the Association who, wishing to bring an issue or to make a proposal regarding the Association’s management or business to the Board of Directors, shall submit such issue or proposal, including the full text of the issue or proposal, in writing to the Secretary at any time by email or mail.The member concerned will be invited to present such issue or proposal to the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

    c.   The meeting shall be declared “open” during the time of introduction(s) of the member(s) concerned and the presentation of the member’s or members’ issue(s), which shall be the first order of business following the approval of the minutes of the previous meeting of the Board of Directors. Having made his/her presentation, the member will be required to leave the meeting. At this point, the meeting will resume its closed session” status.

    d.   The member will present any mitigating or supporting statements and documents to the Board of Directors with his presentation.At the appropriate time as determined by the agenda, the Board of Directors will discuss the issue or proposal and take the appropriate action in arriving at its resolution. The President or Secretary will follow up with the member(s) concerned, advising such member(s) of the Board of Directors’ action and/or decision on the matter.

    e.   The Secretary will distribute copies of the minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors to all members of the Board promptly after the meeting.

    f.   Copies of the minutes of Board meetings will be made available to members of the Association upon request.


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    1. In keeping with the Association’s legal standing as a non-profit organization (a 501(c)(7) entity under the Internal Revenue Service Tax Code), the Board may elect to offer financial grants by way of sponsorships to qualified entities (museums, schools, historical societies, etc.) to aid in the promotion and exhibition of public displays, classes and other educational activities related to armaments and their history.

    2. Any member of the Association may suggest suitable candidates for sponsorship consideration to the Board of Directors.Final approval of sponsorships and amounts to be granted will be by a majority of members of the Board.

    3. All sponsorships shall be conditional on the name of the Association being prominently displayed and or mentioned in all literature promoting the event for which sponsorship was granted.

    4. In recognition of members who display their collections (or part of their collections) at other major shows and conventions on behalf of TGCA, the Association shall reimburse certain elements of their expenses (travel/shipping and lodging) up to a limit to be established by the Board of Directors. Such grants shall only be made if the display is under the banner of TGCA and clearly promotes the Association as its primary purpose. The Association will not bear any of the cost of building the display, nor any costs associated with the acquisition of items to be incorporated into the display. Grants will be made only upon receipt of a properly completed application form, a copy of which may be obtained from the Secretary.


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    a.   A Show Manager for TGCA may be appointed by the President and this selection shall be ratified by the Board.Such position may be compensated.

    b.   The Show Manager need not necessarily be a member of either the Association or the Board, but should have a solid background in the promotion of events.Ideally he/she should be a member of the Gun Show Committee, or at least work closely with it.

    c.   The Show Manager will also act as the Association’s outside Advertising Manager, and will be given a budget from which he/she will appropriate funds to place suitable advertisements in the appropriate print and broadcast media. He/she will work to present a positive image of the Association to the collecting, historical and antique communities as a whole as well as to the general public.

    a.   The Show Manager will issue press releases to suitable local media outlets as well as to the national print media associated with the field of armaments collecting.

    d.   By arrangement with the Board of Directors, the Show Manager may assume much of the work previously carried out by the Show Chairman in soliciting table reservations, venue selections and negotiations, show layout and schedule, selection of photographer, and similar duties.If willing, and by agreement with the Vice President, the Show Manager may also manage the Ladies’ program for each meeting and show.

    2. MEMBERS

    a.   All members should be encouraged to display promotional TGCA materials on their trade tables at other gun shows particularly the major national events.

    b.   All members should be encouraged to promote TGCA and its shows on appropriate on-line forums and bulletin boards whenever possible.Membership application forms and show table reservation forms are available from the Association’s website, www.tgca.org.

    c.   The President may appoint an Outside Promotions and Advertising Manager, whose job will mainly be to sell advertising space for The Texas Gun Collector. Ideally, this position should be filled by a member in good standing who understands that this is a voluntary position, but which may be remunerated. If no volunteer steps forward, then a professional solicitor may be appointed to this position upon the approval of the Board of Directors, any compensation to be with the approval of the Board of Directors. (Approved by the Board of Directors 7 August 2011)

    3. GUN CLUB

      From time to time, a special club gun shall be custom made and auctioned at an Association show to raise funds for the club and for the club’s affiliate, the TGCA Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit philanthropic entity formed to fund scholarships and other charitable causes.The revenues realized from the sale of club gun shall be divided three ways:
    (1) The cost of the current gun sold shall be set aside towards the cost of the next club gun
    (2) 75% of the balance goes to the TGCA Foundation’s account
    (3) the remaining 25% of the balance goes to TGCA’s general operating account.




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    In 1999, former President Kurt House had each Officer and all other members of the Board of Directors of the time who held a specific function outside the normal responsibilities of the Board write a Job Description for inclusion in an Officer Handbook. Those job descriptions have now been refined for consistency of format, and to meet today’s needs, and are included below.

    All retiring Officers, Staff and Committee Chairmen shall hand over all relevant records and documents to their successors as soon as practicable following the end of the show in which elections took place. They shall also offer the benefit of their experience and knowledge of the job to their successors, and also offer whatever assistance or advice is necessary to ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, they may select an assistant who would be willing to take on that particular job if nominated and elected to the position.

    All Officers, Directors and Staff members shall at all times and at every opportunity promote the interests of the Texas Gun Collectors Association (TGCA) and its magazine, The Texas Gun Collector.


    The President will serve a term of two years, and will take over from his or her predecessor immediately upon the conclusion of the election held at the appropriate Annual General Members Meeting at the Spring show.

    At the end of his or her term, the President will automatically take the title and role of Immediate Past President as soon as his or her successor has been elected. As Immediate Past President he or she will remain a member of the Board of Directors in the capacity of Director rather than Officer.

    The President’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:

    1. Board Meetings

    • Prepare the Agenda

    • Obtain a copy of the minutes of the last Board Meeting from the Secretary and distribute to the other Board members.

    • Preside over all Board Meetings ensuring that they are conducted in accordance with the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order.

    • Maintain a neutral position in all debates and discussions; ensure that all Board members have an opportunity to speak uninterrupted, and to call the question at the appropriate time. In the event of a tied vote, the President shall cast the deciding vote.

    • Ensure that meetings are concluded in the time allotted.

    2. Prior to each show

    • Review the contract with the show’s hosting facility, and work with the Show Chairman in resolving any unfavorable terms and conditions.

    • Ensure that all awards are ready

    • Contact the Auction Chairman to ensure that all is ready; e.g. room, auctioneer, electronic equipment, any door prizes, etc.

    • Contact Show Chairman to ensure that all arrangements have been made and that all likely circumstances have been taken into consideration, such as display tables, dedicated exhibits, electrical outlets availability, telephone and/or wireless internet connection, coffee and water service.

    • In the event of logistical problems, confer with the Show Chairman and/or the Board of Directors to find practical solutions.

    • Confer with the Sergeant-At-Arms to ensure that the Security Room arrangements are satisfactory, and that a responsible full time person will be on duty at all times that table-holders’ merchandise and baggage are in the care and custody of the Security Room.

    • Appoint a Nominating Committee prior to the first meeting and show of the year and obtain a slate of recommended candidates for the Officer and Director positions subject to election at the Annual General Membership Meeting.

    • Discuss the upcoming Ladies on the Loose program with the Vice President, and ensure that all relevant arrangements have been made.

    • Reserve a personal trade or display table ~ it is important that the President be seen to support the club in every way possible.

    3. During the show

    • Prepare and deliver the President’s welcome speech

    • Select the panel of judges for the competitive displays

    • Periodically check with the front desk and the Secretary to see if any assistance is required. Clarify guest entry procedures if required.

    • Make any necessary announcements from time to time, and encourage the Auction Chairman and Show Chairman to do likewise to promote the auction and future TGCA shows.>

    • Ensure that all Board Members are familiar with the procedure to be adopted for the election of Officers and Directors.

    • Elections shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions laid out in Roberts’ Rules of Order; in as far as voting should be by a show of hands rather than by a voice vote. If a vote is called for the election of the entire recommended slate of candidates (no opposition) then a vote by acclamation is acceptable.

    • Confer with the display judges on the display awards, and dispose of the judging forms in accordance with legal advice.

    • Announce display award winners and present awards just prior to the auction or at the Annual General Membership Meeting.

    • Greet all table-holders during the course of the show, and thank all table-holders for their support prior to their departure from the show.

    4. Prior to publication of the magazine

    • Compose a President’s Message that addresses association priorities and gives a summary of actions taken or proposed by the Board of Directors.

    • Confer with the Magazine Editor to ensure that a report of the last show, and also a report on the previous auction, is ready for publication both well illustrated with captioned photographs.

    • Confer with the Secretary to ensure that the death of all members known of at the time may be recorded in the magazine.

    • Place a personal advertisement in the magazine ~ it is important that the President be seen to support the club in every way possible.

    5. At all other times

    • Be constantly alert for ways to promote the Association. Print and on-line media are good outlets, and (if possible) the broadcast media should be approached at every available opportunity.

    • Appoint chairmen of committees formed to carry out specific tasks, and to act as an ex-officio member of all such committees.

    • Provide membership applications, show flyer/table reservation forms to members who attend and trade at other shows, especially national shows.

    • Plan an annual exhibit to be sponsored by T.G.C.A. at the annual N.R.A. convention. This needs to be planned a year in advance according to which city will be the N.R.A’s venue.

    • If possible, attend as many large national shows as possible (Las Vegas, Baltimore, Tulsa) in order to promote T.G.C.A. and its shows. Encourage other Board members to do likewise.

    • If possible, attend other collectors associations’ shows (Colt Collectors, Smith & Wesson Collectors, etc.) in order to promote T.G.C.A. and its shows. Encourage other Board members to do likewise.

    • Handle all correspondence and complaints, resolve disputes, and keep accurate and complete records of such disputes and resolutions. Keep the Board of Directors informed.

    • At all times, carry out the duties of President in a calm, respectful and dignified manner. Never let your guard down; be aware.


    The Immediate Past President (IPP) shall remain a member of the Board of Directors for a term of two years, or longer if the present President is re-elected for a subsequent term. Thus the Association’s Board of Directors may benefit from the insight and experience of at least one former President at all times. This is an automatic appointment to the Board of Directors and is not subject to election by the membership.

    he main function of the IPP is to maintain continuity of the term just served and the term of the incoming President. The intent is to prevent unnecessary repetition or “reinventing the wheel” and to allow the new President and IPP to continue to implement policies that they both support.

    he secondary function of the IPP is to help the new President understand the policies of the club. The experience of the IPP should be helpful in preventing the new President from making unnecessary errors. This automatically creates a system of checks and balances similar to that of our government.

    astly, the function of the IPP is similar to that of the other Board members in so much as he or she should execute assigned duties or requests of the President to the best of his or her ability.


    The Vice President will serve a term of two years, and will take over from his or her predecessor immediately upon the conclusion of the election held at the appropriate Annual General Members Meeting at the Spring show.

    The duties and responsibilities of the Vice President shall include but shall not be limited to the following:

    • Act as President in all presidential duties in the absence of the President

    • Support and assist the President in all Presidential duties

    • Assume responsibility for the planning and implementation of the “Ladies on the Loose” program at each show including, if necessary, the appointment of a committee and chairman. Discuss an informational insert to be included with the Show flyers with the Show Chairman or Magazine Editor upon completing the Ladies program arrangements.

    • Be the first responder to any and all tasks and problems or other issues as they arise that are not specifically addressed by another Officer’s or Director’s duties; assist the President in the selection of display judges, and be prepared to carry out any other tasks requested by the President.


    The Show Chairman will serve a term of two years, and will take over from his or her predecessor immediately upon the conclusion of the election held at the appropriate Annual General Members Meeting at the Spring show.

    The Show Chairman’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:

    1. At least one year prior to show set-up

    • Have a commitment with a suitable facility (hotel or other) in place, if not a firm contract. Such commitment will be with a facility that has met with the Board of Directors’ approval, and will be for the appropriate dates previously set by the Board.

    • Work diligently towards having an executed contract based upon the earlier commitment in place.

    • Ensure that payment for continuance of show insurance has been made (each December or January) and that NAAS dues have been paid.

    • Handle all show related correspondence and referrals, ensure that all necessary deposits have been paid, deal with any cancellations and other problems with the show. Ensure that the President and Board of Directors is periodically informed of progress and status. Discuss all problems with the President.

    2. Within one year of the show

    • Confer with the Vice-President on the Ladies’ program.

    • Mail show flyers to the association’s membership and other previous non-member table-holders at 13 weeks prior and at 7 weeks prior to the show. Ensure an announcement regarding the Ladies’ program will be included with the show flyer.

    • Receive all reservations for trade and display tables and acknowledge such receipt. Periodically submit a report on table reservations to the President.

    • Deposit all cash and checks received into the association’s checking account and within two days forward a record of such deposits to the Treasurer.

    3. Three weeks before the show

    • Finalize dates and agree a layout diagram with decorator/table renting company

    • Finalize arrangements with caterer for the Friday evening reception and/or other meal services, confirm auction room arrangements with the hosting facility, confirm arrangements for coffee and water service and Ladies’ breakfast.

    • Finalize arrangements with caterer for the Friday evening reception and/or other meal services, confirm auction room arrangements with the hosting facility, confirm arrangements for coffee and water service and Ladies’ breakfast.

    • Confer with the Sergeant-At-Arms on security arrangements and confirm that arrangements are satisfactory.

    • Assign trade and display tables to paid-up table-holders, and prepare an alphabetical table directory of table assignments.

    • Ensure that a supply of flyers for the next show will be on hand for handing out to table-holder and member for the purpose of soliciting advance table reservations.

    4. One week before the show

    • Double check with hosting facility on all arrangements

    • Double check reservation forms against table diagram and table directory. Ensure that all table reservations have been allocated the correct number of tables, and that all fees have been paid and deposited.

    • Ensure that adequate change (+/- $500) in low denomination ($1, $5, $10 and $20 bills) is on hand for use at the show.

    5. Thursday evening (the day before the show’s set-up day)

    • Check the table arrangement set out by the decorator, and make all changes as appropriate and necessary.

    • Ensure that all electrical connections required are available and in working order; ensure that sufficient extension cords and tape are available, and that a working PA system will be in place.

    6. Friday morning (set-up day)

    • Tag tables with table-holders’ names, table letter and number in accordance with the set-up diagram and table directory.

    • Be prepared to resolve all table-holder set-up problems and mistakes

    • Ensure that there is a supply of show flyers for the next show on hand at the Show Chairman’s table.

    • Ensure that two trusted volunteers will be on hand for the duration of the show to help with registrations, checking memberships, making name tags for guests, taking non-members’ entry fees.

    • Refer all applicants for membership to the Secretary, as well as persons claiming to be members but who cannot produce a current association badge.

    • Keep separate records of cash receipts for admission, current table payments, future show table reservations, and Association promotional materials. Receipts for memberships shall be handled by the Secretary.

    7. After the show

    • Photocopy all checks received at the show.

    • Deposit all checks and cash receipts into the Association’s checking account within two days of the show’s closing.

    • Take stock of show supplies and re-order if necessary in good time for the next show.

    • Prepare a brief summary reporting the total number of trade tables, display tables and complimentary tables, total cash receipts from table sales, admission fees and other, and submit to the President within two weeks of the show’s ending. A complete list of table-holders’ names would also be helpful.


    The Secretary will serve a term of two years, and will take over from his or her predecessor immediately upon the conclusion of the election held at the appropriate Annual General Members Meeting at the Spring show.

    The Secretary takes comprehensive notes at, and keeps a record of all Board of Directors and Annual General Membership Meetings, and distributes the official minutes of such meetings to the Board of Directors well in advance of the next meeting. The Secretary will also forward a copy of the Annual Members Business Meetings to the Editor of The Texas Gun Collector for publication in the next Fall edition. The official minutes shall represent a summary of all items requiring an action to be taken by the Board of Directors, or an individual member or group of board members, the results of votes taken at the meetings and decisions made. (Approved by the Board of Directors 29 February 2012)

    The Secretary also issue membership cards to paid-up members, maintains an up-to-date master list of all annual members and life members, and revises such master list upon notification by members of changes in contact information, etc. New Member Badges will be made with Green Paper until after the new member’s first full year.

    The Secretary notifies members when annual dues are due, accounts for all cash and checks received in connection with dues, deposits same in the association’s checking account, and reports such deposits to the Treasurer.

    all correspondence received in connection with membership of the association is handled by the Secretary, who will pass other correspondence onto the party most likely to be able to respond to it. All correspondence dealing with association affairs, whether incoming or outgoing should be copied to the Secretary for filing in the association’s archive.

    During the shows, the Secretary will accept applications for membership and membership renewals will issue badges as appropriate and will keep a record of all cash and checks received in this connection. The Secretary shall also answer all questions regarding membership matters, and will refer all other questions to the person most likely to be able to deal with the matter in hand.

    Periodically (preferably every two years) the Secretary will be responsible for preparing, publishing and distributing a new membership directory. This document will list all members and their contact information to the extent that each member allows, and the members collecting interests. Included will be a copy of the current By-Laws and any other lasting information that the Secretary believes to be appropriate and relevant. To help defray the cost of the directory, the Secretary may sell advertising space to members. Upon the direction of the President, the Secretary will furnish a complete mailing list of members to a mail service or other similar entity to facilitate the mailing of the directory to the membership.

    As it may become necessary from time to time to pay an individual to perform some or all of the duties of the Secretary, the Board may agree to compensate an approved interim Secretary or Secretary’s Assistant up to $1,000 per month on a temporary basis until a suitable volunteer can be found.


    The Treasurer will serve a term of two years, and will take over from his or her predecessor immediately upon the conclusion of the election held at the appropriate Annual General Members Meeting at the Spring meeting.

    The Treasurer is the Association’s chief financial officer and is in charge of monitoring and managing all funds, maintaining a check and balance accounting system that can be audited at any time.

    The Treasurer must be bondable at any figure determined by the Board of Directors. The cost of such bond if required by the Board will be borne by the club.

    The Treasurer’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:

    • Make payment of all authorized bills; all bills must be paid by check, except when the use of the Association’s consumer account credit card for hosting facilities’ accounts, advertising expenses, etc. is deemed by both the President and Treasurer to be appropriate.

    • Make payment all out of pocket expenses of Officers, Directors and others who necessarily incur expenses in the day to day performance of their duties and responsibilities. Payment of such expenses will only be paid upon receipt by the Treasurer of itemized statements supported by copies of receipts, credit card bills, or other similar acceptable documentation.

    • Check the bank’s statements to confirm that all deposits have been made. The Treasurer does not personally handle cash nor make deposits, but ensures that each person responsible for handling TGCA funds does deposit all such funds in a timely manner into the general TGCA checking account.

    • Carry out a book balancing exercise every calendar month, and maintain a monthly profit and loss statement.

    • Present an up to date financial report to the Board of Directors at the periodic board meetings.

    • Hire a C.P.A. to help in the preparation of Texas State and Federal tax returns. These returns are due by May 15 each year.

    • Each year in January, submit a financial report on the club’s business for the previous year to the President. The report should include an overall profit and loss report, plus a profit and loss report for each individual cost center, such as membership, magazine, gun shows, administration (Secretary, Treasurer and President), sponsorships, advertising and promotions, etc.

    • Monitor all club projects and if any project develops a negative cash flow position, the Treasurer will inform the President; both the Treasurer and President will then meet with the project leader to resolve any financial problems. The problems and resolutions will be reported to the Board of Directors jointly by the Treasure and President.

    • Closely monitor the overall financial position of TGCA and if the club’s cash position falls below the level established by the Board of Directors all unnecessary expenditures shall cease immediately. Such expenditures will include complimentary rooms at shows, sponsorships of all types, charitable gifts, complimentary show tables, coffee service at shows, Friday night reception at shows, and other such expenses, and the status of the magazine will be reviewed to determine whether it should revert to a smaller black and white only publication.


    The Sergeant-At-Arms will serve a term of two years, and will take over from his or her predecessor immediately upon the conclusion of the election held at the appropriate Annual General Members Meeting at the Spring show.

    The Sergeant-At-Arms is in charge of the security and safety of the meetings and shows.

    The Sergeant-At-Arms’ duties and responsibilities are as follows:

    • Hire an adequate number of state licensed police officers and/or state licensed armed security guards in order that security protection is highly visible at all times.

    • Use a suitable room as a Security Room available to all table-holders on the Thursday evening/night before set-up day for the safe storage of merchandise and baggage, and ensuring that this room is attended at all times by an armed guard. This guard may be the Sergeant-At-Arms or other Officer of the club, or a trusted member of the association.

    • Appoint a committee of members to ensure that all tables contain items allowable under the club’s show rules, and to require that table-holders remove all items deemed not in compliance with such rules.

    • If necessary eject from the premises any table-holder, member, guest or visitor whose behavior causes a nuisance or otherwise disrupts the meeting or show, or who remains non-compliant with the show rules after having been given due notice by the Sergeant-At-Arms or one of his committee members.


    All Directors will serve a term of three years, and will take assume the duties and responsibilities of this position immediately upon the conclusion of the election held at the appropriate Annual General Members Meeting at the Spring show.

    Directors hold pivotal roles in the conduct of the club’s business in as far as they act as “the checks and balances” in all debates and discussions on proposals made by Officers. 

    Directors are important members of the Association’s management team and as such should attend all meetings of the Board of Directors, and any other meetings called by the President or other person as described in the By-Laws.

    Diligence, accountability and patience are necessary qualities expected of a TGCA Director, and every Director is expected to serve on committees or projects and to act as Chairman or Leader if so requested by the President. TGCA wants workers and willing helpers to serve on the Board of Directors; thus the position should not be held up as an indication of one’s standing or status within the club.


    The Magazine Editor (Editor) is appointed by the President, which appointment will be confirmed or rejected by the vote of the Board of Directors. He or she is not necessarily a member of the Board of Directors, but should always attend Board meetings in order to record and report on the club’s business activities.

    The Editor is responsible for the timely publication of the magazine in accordance with the editorial policy set by the Board of Directors and schedule set by the Editor. In addition, the Editor is charged with the responsibility for making the magazine financially viable, ensuring that any subsidy from Association funds is kept to a minimum.

    The duties and responsibilities of the Editor are:

    1. Interpretation and implementation of the editorial policy set buy the Board of Directors

    2. Oversight of all magazine production functions such as:

    • Oversight of all magazine production functions such as:

    • Solicitation and selection of articles and other copy to be published

    • Sale of advertising space and the collection of fees

    • Edit all copy for errors of fact, good taste, typographical accuracy, etc.

    • Confer with printer and typesetter/layout designer on costs, design, layout, use of color, etc.

    • Work with the Treasurer to establish a budget for each edition of the magazine.

    • Confer with the Board of Directors in respect of advertising rates.

    • Coordinate with the show photographer on picture selection for the magazine’s show reports, and for show reports to be published in other non-association publications.

    • Prepare regular report on magazine issues and present such reports at the meetings of the Board of Directors.

    • Confer with the President and other Board members in the preparation of promotional and public relations material prior to submitting such material to various print and broadcast media.

    • Recruit volunteer help as necessary for the performance of the above duties.

    • From the Association’s membership, select a member who would be a willing and capable replacement upon the Editor’s retirement or removal.


    The Auction Chairman is appointed by the President, which appointment will be confirmed or rejected annually by the vote of the Board of Directors. He or she is not necessarily a member of the Board of Directors, but will prepare a written report on all auction results prior to the next meeting of the Board of Directors.

    The duties and responsibilities of the Auction Chairman are as follows:

    • Ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of consignment forms, lot tags, bidders’ paddles, printer paper for use with a computer printer, markers, pens, pencils and other relevant stationery supplies.

    • Maintain auditable records of all items consigned and donated to the auction, prices and premiums realized, monies paid out to consignors, credit card receipts, out of pocket expenses, and net profit for the club. The Auction Chairman will deposit the auction cash and check receipts into the association’s checking account within two business days of the close of the show.

    • Prior to the show’s opening, The Auction Chairman coordinates with the Show Chairman as to the number and location of tables for the Auction, and the location where the auction will be held.

    • The Auction Chairman, and any helper(s) that he appoints, will accept donated and consigned items for the Auction until a sufficient number of items (including club fundraising items) determined by the Auction Chairman in consultation with the Auctioneer have been registered, or until 3:00 p.m. on the day of the Auction, or other such time as determined by the Auction Chairman. All donors and consignors shall fill in a consignment form provided by the auction staff; all those consigning items will be required to pay the consignment fee of $50 per lot upon submitting the item(s) and form(s) to the auction staff. The auction fee may be reduced to $25 per item/lot by a vote of the Board at the Auction Chairman’s request.

    • Prior to the show, appoints a competent (preferably a professional and licensed) Auctioneer to conduct each Auction. In the event the appointed Auctioneer fails to attend, the Auction Chairman will either conduct the auction him/herself, or will solicit the services of a willing member of the Association.

    • Recruit sufficient helpers to ensure that the auction tables are manned at all times, and that adequate personnel are in place to act as ring-men, money takers, record keepers, porters and the like during the course of the auction.

    • After the auction, reconcile the receipts with the recorded sales prices, buyer’s premiums, credit card receipts, etc. and make out the checks to give to the successful sellers the following morning.

    • Ensure that any “buy-back” or unsold items are handed back to the consignor immediately after the auction or are kept secure overnight to hand back the next morning.

    • Ensure that the Auctioneer is kept well refreshed during the course of the auction.


    The Membership Chairman is appointed by the President, which appointment will be confirmed or rejected by the vote of the Board of Directors.

    The duties and responsibilities of the Membership Chairman are to oversee, monitor, expand and promote membership in TGCA as follows:

    • Be in possession of current membership roster (including a “past due” list), and to periodically note changes in members’ status (active, resigned, past due, new member, life member, etc.) in order to help the Secretary in updating the roster.

    • Actively enlist new members who will be of lasting value to TGCA, including younger or beginning collectors with the energy and enthusiasm needed to promote the Association in years to come, and to welcome them to the club and to introduce them to longtime members.

    • Encourage “past due” members to submit their renewal and dues to stay current.

    • Network with the membership pf other clubs (Colt, Smith and Wesson, Winchester Collectors Association, Remington Society, etc.) in order to create an overlap of key members from such other clubs and TGCA.

    • Always present TGCA as a respectable and respected, interesting club which welcomes any serious collector of antique or classic “modern” firearms into membership.

    • Personally address any member’s questions, and attempt to minimize problems and conflicts among members in any responsible way possible.

    • Attend as many other gun shows as possible, carrying the membership recruiting sign, a supply of membership application forms, along with a supply of past magazines to distribute to prospective members.


    The Show Photographer is appointed by the Show Manager in consultation with the Magazine Editor, such appointment to be approved by the Board of Directors. This is not a permanent appointment with a specified term, but is dependent upon quality of product, overall cost, and expertise. Any competent photographer will be considered for the position upon submittal of a qualified quotation.

    The duties and responsibilities of the Show Photographer shall be as follows:

    • As a minimum, attend the show from early Friday morning and all day Saturday in order to prepare the photographic records of the proceedings as follows:
    • At least one picture of all trade (sale) tables with table-holders with a written record of their names.
    • Several pictures of trade tables with quality merchandise or unusual items with a written record of the table-holders’ names.
    • Several pictures showing any special events such as Ladies on the Loose, Auction, seminars, other attractions, etc.
    • New Board of Directors group photograph
    • All display tables showing the complete display and any interesting detail. A second photograph of the display with the member displaying is encouraged. A written record of the display titles and the displayers’ names will be made by the photographer.
    • Awards presentation ceremony – several group photographs of all the award winners, and at least one photograph of each award winner receiving his or her award.
    • Forward a 10” x 8” color copy of the photographs of displays (preferably with display owner) to the President who will forward same to the display owner.
    • As soon after the show as possible send glossy prints of all film photographs, or a CD of all digital photographs, with a referenced list of all subjects’ names to the Magazine Editor and/or the TGCA person responsible for writing the show reports if known.

    The Show Photographer shall submit his or her itemized statement to the Show Manager (with a copy to the Treasurer) with the delivery of all photographs and written records. Upon approval of the Show Manager and Editor, the Treasurer shall make payment to the Show Photographer.

    The Show Photographer should confer with the Show Manager and Editor several weeks prior to each show and then submit a quotation to the Magazine Editor based upon the Editor’s expectations. 

    Other than a table-holder or displayer taking photographs of his or her trade (sale) table or display with the Show Manager’s knowledge and consent, the Show Photographer shall have exclusive rights to photograph within the show.

    The Show Photographer may rent a table for the purpose of the commercial photography of anyone’s merchandise or individual items, and will enjoy an exclusive right to carry on the business of photography within the exhibition hall. However, such commercial activity must not under any circumstances interfere with the requirements of the Show Manager or any Officer of the Association.