Texas Gun Collectors Association

Annual Membership

You are cordially invited to become a member of TGCA.
We'd sure be happy to welcome you aboard. All that is required of members is that they have a keen interest in arms collecting and associated activities.
Since its beginning over fifty years ago, TGCA has welcomed collectors from every state in the Union, and from abroad as well. Today's Association Directory indicates members in forty-four states and eight foreign countries including Australia.
Membership couldn't be easier. Anyone who has not been convicted of a criminal offense and is not facing criminal charges, is of good repute and who has a genuine interest in the collecting, preservation, display and history of antique and historic, and classic collectible firearms and their accessories and accoutrements are welcome. Simply fill in a membership application form (a copy is available from the link to the right), have it endorsed by a current member in good standing (your sponsor) and then send it with your check or money order for $60.00 ($70.00 for international membership), representing your first year's dues to the TGCA Secretary (whose address appears to the right of this page). Upon acceptance you will receive your membership card and both editions of the current years' magazine, The Texas Gun Collector. Non-members may join up at our regular gunshows.
Looking forward to seeing you at the next show!